Build and Stack Cactus Blocks

  •  HELPS IN BRAIN DEVELOPMENT- Stacking each wooden peg to build the Balancing Cactus without it falling over enhances cognitive skills and critical thinking. Fine motor skills, perception, and patience are also achieved through Montessori toys.


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  •  FUN FOR WHOLE FAMILY - This kids balancing toys can have 1-4 players and a 15 -minute game each round. Parents, grandparents and teachers will be giggling along with the kids, as they attach the spikes to the cactus tree without it falling over.
  •  BRING BACK THE REAL CHILDHOOD - Don't let gadgets babysit your toddlers. This ultimate shape sorter rainbow wooden stacking toy is ridiculously fun for kids and adults alike. Nothing beats childhood freestyle games!
  •  HATE DISORGANIZED TOYS? We know exactly how it feels! This wooden rainbow cactus stacking cups toy comes with a storage bag for easy peg storage! Teach your kids how to organize their plan toy cactus every after game.
  • WE HAVE YOUR BACK. We are committed to give unforgettable play time. If you have any problems with our awesome toys or are not satisfied with its operation we will be happy to grant you a full refund or ship you a replacement.

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  • 【Montessori Practical Toys】 Montessori screw board can help teach children (up 3 years old) the practical life skill of using a screwdriver. The Montessori materials board will also teach hand-eye coordination while working on fine motor skills.
  • 【CREATIVE MULTI-Play DESIGN】Enjoy two scenes in one fishing toy for kids! Use doll magnet to search and pull fishes under iced lake and magnetic fishing poles to hook fish in the ocean. Game instruction is included
  • 【THE SMALL PIECE OF WOOD BLOCKS SUCH AS THE SIZE OF A COIN】Please note that the Montessori hundred board has small size, especially designed for toddlers, easy for them to grasp, so it would be a little smaller than you expected them to be. So babies need more supervision when playing the hundred board. Please understand.
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